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Posted by: Steve Kimmel 6 days ago

Today’s spotlight is shining as brightly as those windows do after Nick’s Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning is done. Nick’s Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning is owned and operated by local resident Nick Anderson who grew up and still lives in Huntington.

Nick took over the business his father started on his 18th birthday on May 19, 2019. Nick is an Eagle Scout from Troop 130, and is a volunteer firefighter for the Huntington Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Even though Nick does pressure washing, he finds his niche in storefront window washing. Nick said, “I like for my clients to be on a regular schedule so their windows are always clean, but he does not require any type of contract. Clients are able to start or stop at any time,” said Nick.

My motto is: “If you can’t see out, who would want to come in.”

Nick went on to say, “I don’t just spray water on the windows, I wash them, clean and dry the windows. When I am done, I will always ask my clients if they are satisfied before I leave. If they find something I’ve missed, I will do them again. I always seek 100% satisfaction with the job before I leave.”

Nick also said, “I see people all the time on shaky chairs, or wobbly ladders, trying to clean their windows. Why not hire someone to do the work for you. I have the equipment and I don’t want to see someone injure themselves.”

If you are looking for someone to power wash or clean those unsightly windows, give Nick a call, or better yet, text him at (260) 233-1878. You can always email at Nick’s Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning can be found on Facebook. He gives free estimates and is fully insured.